Making your own wooden table

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Woodworking
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I am currently working on a wooden table for my terrace. I have laid my terrace (myself) last summer and already enjoyed it. However it became quickly clear that the shabby table we had was not suited for the new terrace.

So Sonja (my wife) picked a table (in one of those fancy magazines) and i agreed to make it during the winter. Of course she didn’t go for a simple square table, but chose a round table on a central stand.

step 1 : draw the table. (plan will be uploaded at a later date)

step 2: decide on the wood

the table needs to stand outside all year, so has to be in a good quality, wheater resistant wood. Teak was my first choice but turned out to be too expensive.

Instead I chose Afzelia bipindensis . It is african and higly resistant to outside circumstances. (and less expensive as teak)

to be continued…(pictures, hands on tips, etc…)


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