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Someone recently asked me : “What do you think the 3 most important and urgent challenges are for a CEO”

I replied: Service, Service and Service …

1 Service : Most Companies (not all, I will admit) no longer deliver products to the market, but they deliver a service, or at least the customer expects them to deliver a service. We are not buying a SIM card, we are buying the service of being able to communicate with our cell phones. I am not buying electricity, but I am buying ‘a continuous access to the energy (electricity) I need, when I need it,with availability and support guarantees included… I am not buying broadband, I am buying the ability to connect to the world (when, how and whatever I like).

2. This means the company providing the underlying product needs to build and maintain that service, set up customer helpdesk, make sure complaint handling is in place, take into account availability, capacity, performance of the service. Everyone in the organisation has to be thinking ‘How do I contribute to helping deliver the Service to our customers’, whether it is a janitor or a blue-collar, a financial operator, hr officer, to management staff, everyone.

3. To realize this the entire organization also needs modelling around Service Management. And since IT plays a part in most (all) of these business processes, IT itself will need to be organised to deliver that Service. Not only deliver IT services to the users (employees), but actually contribute to delivering the Service to the Customers.  And that is where IT Service Management comes in. But the first step (and the one most companies fail, in my opinion) is defining the services. Too often they are still focussed around technical services and not delivering/supporting/integrating with business processes.