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rectangular table – continued

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Spent another 2 hours yesterday on the table, and it’s coming along fine.

Over the last week I had glued the legs together (each leg consists of 3 boards). Yesterday I finished the legs.

First I hauled them through the machine (I don’t know how this machine is called in English, but it is the one that you use to plane the boards to a specific thickness), leaving me nicely squared legs of (68mm x 68mm).

Next I trimmed one end of the legs with the saw to have a straight edge and drew the mortice’s on them. I then drilled the mortices (10mm x 70mm). the sides of the table (2 x 64cmx10cmx2,4cm and 2 x 204cmx10cmx2,4cm) received pen’s at each end to fit the mortices in the legs (the pen is 3cm long and leaves 10mm of wood in the middle of the board).

And lastly the sides received a ‘gutter’ (of 6mm width and 6mm depth at 1cm of the top all along the inside to hold the tabletop fixing block (leaving the possibility for the wood to work) (pictures will follow)

During the week, I will glue the tabletop (8 boards) so that next visit to the shop, i can finish the top and make the fixtures. I might also already glue the sides to the legs. If all goes well, the table should be finished next week.